Viva Cristo Rey

Be a Cristero with this bold tee!  The front has the large, bold text "¡Viva Cristo Rey! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!" in the Mexican flag colors as a testament to the battle cry of the Cristeros during the bloody Cristero War (1926-1929).

On the back is a quote from one of the many martyrs from this conflict, Blessed Miguel Pro, "We ought to speak, shout out, against injustices with confidence and without fear. We proclaim the principles of the Church, the reign of love, without forgetting that it is also a reign of justice."
For more on the Cristero War, we suggest checking out the movie, "For Greater Glory"!
Printed on 100% Cotton 4.3 oz. Crew Neck Tee in White. As with all Mantled products, there is a scapular printed on the inside of the garment, front and back.