Sons of Thunder

 This tee is a biblical parody of the "Sons of Anarchy" TV show.  The front says "Sons of Thunder, Apostalate Jerusalem Original", Jerusalem being where James and John, with the rest of the apostles, received the Holy Spirit.

The back is styled like a motorcycle club three-piece patch with "Sons of Thunder" across the top and "Sea of Galilee" across the bottom with "MK3:17" next to the logo.  The logo is a motorcycle club-style depiction of an Apostle looking fierce holding the cup with the snake (a symbol of John) and the bishop staff with sea shells hanging from it (a symbol of James).

Finally, on the right sleeve (of the long-sleeve thermals) is the text "Fishers of Men", making another parody-connection to Sons of Anarchy's "Men of Mayhem".

This design is printed either on 60% cotton/ 40% polyester extremely soft thermal or 100% cotton t-shirt in Black. As with all Mantled products, there is a scapular printed on the inside of the garment, front and back.