Heroic Virtue

The front of this tee is a distress-style dove with the "Heroic Virtue" text across it printed high up on the chest. Below the Mantled logo, the back states "Real Superpowers for Real Superheroes" with the 7 Cardinal Virtues contained within the text.

This tee is a great reminder of the virtues that we need to keep us free of sin. We are graced with each heroic virtue as a way to battle each of the 7 deadly sins.  Being virtuous means using the superpowers the Holy Spirit gives you to make the world around you a better, holier place.  Wear this shirt proudly and be a superhero for God! 
Printed on 100% Cotton SoftStyle Tee in Indigo Blue. As with all Mantled products, there is a scapular printed on the inside of the garment, front and back.