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Jul 30 2014

One Less But Two More!

Often times, the inspiration behind Mantled designs can't be explained any way but "Spirit-led". Often a certain Saint or quote pops up in our lives and just doesn't go away until we've made it happen on a shirt or poster!  For example, one of most recent tees, "Holy Mary, Undoer of Knots" is a somewhat unknown Marian devotion and novena. I personally had never even heard of it until three completely unrelated people in my lives mentioned her within a week of each other. I read up on her and found the prayers beautiful and the design basically fell onto the paper.

Other times, I WANT something to happen really bad, but nothing I do looks good or feels right. I WANTED to make a St. Joseph tee. He's near and dear to my heart and I've been wanting to make a design for the patron of our Church for a while now. I thought it was finally time...even to the point of announcing it last month! But alas, I struggled through the design until finally I realized that the Spirit was telling me, "Not yet".

So instead of one St. Joseph design, we released a grafitti-style "Revolution" tee (and tank) portraying St. Peter, St. Paul and St. John. And on top of that is our "Be Love Walk" tee! We feel like God was making up for our disappointment in not having a St. Joseph tee by giving us two cool designs in the interim!

Don't worry fellow St. Joseph lovers! We're staying open for inspiration and can't wait until we are able to unveil a new tee. In the meantime, check out the four new designs (and the St. Michael redesign)!

God bless!

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